The 2017 British Summer Championships - WORLD RECORD GOES TO OLLIE HYND MBE

Posted by Denise Mead on 7 August 2017

This event shows off Britain’s best talent. The event is invitation only and required the swimmer to be in the top 24 in the UK in their event apart from the top 16 for 800m and 1500m Freestyle. This end of season championship is the goal of all competitive swimmers in training in the UK, age 13 and above. The competitors swim in different age groups; 13-14 – 15, 16, 17-18, 19 and over.

 22 of Novas talented swimmers from Nottingham  &  Mansfield raced throughout the week at the following events;

 Nottingham and Mansfield individual races

Katie Henderson (17),                    50m, 100m & 200m Backstroke.

Jade Kennerell (16),                   50m, 100m, 200m Breast Stroke, 400m, 800m Free.

Amy Mead (15),                               50m, 200m, 400m free, 100m Breast

Charly Neilson (17)                         200, Breast

Annie Pearson (15)                         200m, 400mm, 800m Free

Courtney Price (19),                   50m, 100m & 200m Backstroke, 200m IM

Mollie Wright (18),                     200m, 400m IM, 200m, 400m & 800m Free, 200 Fly

Natalie Meldrum (16)                   50m Breast stroke.

Emma Erskine (13)                           400 IM

Dominic Bools (14)                         100m 200m, 400m, 1500m Free, 400IM

Ben Foulston (17) (S10)                 50m , 100m Free, 200IM

Will Gayne  (18)                              50m, 100m Back stroke

Josh Harris (16)                               200m, 400m, 1500m Free, 200 Back, 200 Fly, 200m, 400m IM

Cole Hewitt (15)                              50m, 100m Fly

Ollie Hynd MBE (22)  (S8)             100m, 400 Free, 200IM

Joseph Kingsland (14)                    400m, 1500 Free, 100m, 200m Breast, 200m, 400m IM

Jimi Knowles (14)                            1500m Free, 200m Fly

Nicholas Meldrum (14)                  50 Breast

Josh Skinner (14)                            1500m Free, 200 Back

Thomas White (15)                         100m, 200m Breast

Ryan Wilcox  (15)                           200m Breast, 200m, 400m IM .

 Relay Teams

 Girls 14-16 yrs. 4X200m Free relay Jade Kennerell, Amy Mead, Annie Pearson, Rebecca Flisher.

Girls 14-16 yrs. 4X100m Free relay Jade Kennerell, Amy Mead, Natalie Meldrum, Annie Pearson.

Girls 17yrs  and over 4x100m Katie Henderson, Charly Neilson, Courtney Price, Mollie Wright.

Boys 14-16yrs 4x100m IM relay Dominic Bools, Josh Harris, Cole Hewitt, Thomas White


This team of swimmers competed in a total of 70 events between them.

 NOVA made 29 of the British Summer Championship Finals where we achieved a world record,  2 golds and 1 bronze medal, and the team achieved a total of 21 pbs and 3 seasons best time.

With 15 different swimmers making individual finals this was a massive improvement coming out of the ‘National Qualification Window’ where we only had 5 swimmers that were nationally ranked to make finals, this was also a big improvement from last year’s Championships and shows the increased strength and depth that the Nova Centurion programme is starting to accumulate. Although medals were hard to come by this year, a big congratulations must got to all swimmers, parents and coaches for this outstanding progression.

Individual finals


Katie Henderson (17),                   200m Backstroke finishing 9th

Jade Kennerell (16),                       50m Breast finishing 4th, 100m Breast finishing 7th, 400m Free finishing 10th.

Charly Neilson (17)                         200 Breast finishing 9th

Annie Pearson (15)                         200m Free finishing 6th

Courtney Price (18),                   200 IM DNS, 100m Backstroke finishing 9th 200m Backstroke finishing 6th

Mollie Wright (19),                        400m IM finishing 6th

Dominic Bools (14)                         100m Free finishing 10th

Ben Foulston (17) (S10)                 50m finishing 10th, 200m Free finishing 9th, 200IM finishing 10th

Will Gayne  (18)                              50m Backstroke finishing 10th

Josh Harris (16)                               200 Fly finishing 10th , 400m IM finishing 10th

Cole Hewitt (15)                              100m Fly finishing 4th

Ollie Hynd MBE (22)  (S8)             100m Back Bronze, 400 Free World Record and Gold, 200IM Gold

Joseph Kingsland (14)                    200m Breast finishing 9th

Jimi Knowles (14)                           1500m Free finishing 9th

Ryan Wilcox (15)                             200m Breast finishing 10th, 200m IM finishing 10th, 400m IM finishing 10th.


 Relay Teams finals

 Girls 14-16 yrs. 4X200m Free relay Jade Kennerell, Amy Mead, Annie Pearson, Rebecca Fisher finishing 10th

Girls 14-16 yrs. 4X100m Free relay Jade Kennerell, Amy Mead, Natalie Meldrum, Annie Pearson finishing 8th

Girls 17yrs  and over 4x100m Katie Henderson, Charly Neilson, Courtney Price, Mollie Wright finishing 7th


Ollie Hynd MBE Smashes World Record at British Summer Championships & IPC World Trials

 Ollie Hynd MBE was in world class form at last weeks British Summer Championships which doubled as the trials for the IPC World Championships in Sheffield 
Ollie smashed his world record for the S8 400m Freestyle almost 2 seconds quicker than the time he set at the Paralympics to win Gold in Rio in 2016 
The time was the highest points scoring total for the MC 400 Fs and won him the Gold Medal 
He then went on to take the Gold in the MC 200M Ind Medley in his 2nd fastest time ever for the SM8 Category and took a bronze medal in the MC 100m Freestyle 
In all  2xGolds & 1 Bronze,  1x World Record S8 400m Freestyle, 2x World Champs Q, Times, 1x Commonwealth Games Q.Time.

 Ben Foulston S10-(17yrs) Category joined Ollie in the finals of the 400 freestyle and 200m Ind Medley and swam excellent to just Finnish outside the medals. He also made the final of the 50m Freestyle where he posted a best time again just outside the medals 

(Written by Glen Smith)

Ollie Hynd MBE

Article by Scott kennerell

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