Nova swimmers compete at Swim England Nationals

Posted by Denise Mead on 22 August 2017

The Summer Meet forms part of a swimming competition structure in Great Britain whereby the top ranked swimmers in each event are invited to compete at the British Swimming Summer Championships.

This invitation only meet is based on the rankings of swimmers’ performances at level 1 meets between a qualification window, between March and May of this year. The top ranked 50 swimmers in each event and age group are selected to compete, with one exception; Swimmers swimming in the British summer championships 25–30 July who were the top 24 in Britain for all events apart from 800-1500 free where it is the top 16, were not permitted to race at this championships.

Swimmers competed over the six-day meet in five different age groups

The girls’ age groups are 12/13 Yrs, 14 Yrs, 15 Yrs, 16 Yrs and 17 Yrs / Over, while the boys’ age groups are 13/14 Yrs, 15 Yrs, 16 Yrs, 17 Yrs and 18 Yrs / Over

Competitions covered the full range of Olympic swimming events, as well as 50m for breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly plus there was a range of multi-classification events were also held at this event.

 24 of Nova’s talented swimmers from Nottingham  &  Mansfield raced throughout the week at the following 52 events ;

 Nottingham and Mansfield individual races


Hollie-Mae Dove (14), 50m, 100m Breast

Emma Erskine (13), 200m Back , 200m Fly

Rebecca Flisher (15), 200m, 400m Free, 200IM

Merewyn Jones (13), 100m, 200m Breast

Jade Kennerell (16), 200m Free, 100m Back, 200m 400mIM

Livia Kingsland (12), 400IM

Ellis Malson, (15) 200m Back

Amy Mead (15) 100 Free, 200IM, 400IM

Natalee Meldrum,(16) 100m Breast

Annie Pearson (15), 100m Free,

Chloe Quinn, (15) 200m, 400m Free

Lauren Shipley, (13) 400m, 800m Free, 400IM

Jade Young (17), 200 Fly


Dominic Bools (14), 50m free, 100mBreast, 200m Fly

Andrew Hall (14), 1500m Free, 50m Fly, 400mIM

Cole Hewitt (15), 200m Fly

Joseph Kingsland (14), 200m Free, 200 Back

Jimi Knowles (14), 200m, 400m Free, 100m Fly, 400m IM

Ross Large (17), 1500m Free

Kris Moodley (15), 1500m Free

Joshua Skinner(14), 400m Free, 100m Back, 400m IM

Rhys Taylor (17), 1500m Free, 50m, 100m, 200m Breast

Ryan Wilcox (15), 400m, 1500M Free, 100 Breast

Matthew Woodhall (13)  1.5k open water




This team of swimmers competed in a total of 52 events between them.

 NOVA made 31 of the Home Nations Finals or where HDW.  NOVA achieved 3 Golds, 4 silver and 3 bronze medal, and the team achieved a total of 23 PBs.


Hollie-Mae Dove (14), 50m 8th place, 100m Breast 10th place

Emma Erskine (13), 200m Back 9th place, 200m Fly Silver Medal

Rebecca Flisher (15), 200IM 9th place

Merewyn Jones (13), 100m Breast 8th place, 200m Breast 5th place

Jade Kennerell (16), 200m Free Silver Medal, 100m Back 7th place, 200m IM Gold Medal,  400mIM DNS

Livia Kingsland (12), 400IM 9th place

Ellis Malson (15), 200Back 9th place

Annie Pearson (15), 100m Free Gold Medal

Lauren Shipley (13), 800m Free 8th place, 400IM 7th place


Dominic Bools (14), 100mBreast Bronze Medal, 200 Fly 4th

Andrew Hall (14), 400mIM 9th place

Cole Hewitt (15), 200m Fly Silver Medal

Joseph Kingsland (14), 200m Free 7th place

Jimi Knowles (14), 400m Free 5th place, 100m Fly 7th place,

Ross Large (17), 1500m Free HDW 9th

Kris Moodley (15), 1500m Free HDW 7th

Joshua Skinner(14), 400m Free 9th place, 400m IM 10th place

Rhys Taylor (17), 1500m Free HDW Silver Medal

Ryan Wilcox (15), 400m free Bronze Medal, 1500M Free HDW Bronze Medal, 100 Breast Gold Medal

Matthew Woodhall  (13) 5th in the 13yrs 1.5k open water


Overall this meet went very well with Nova seeing an increase in finals achieved from last year up to 31 from 29 and also medals won increased from 7 to 10, it is also worth noting that many of the older Nova swimmers did not attend this meet in events they had qualified for which would of only added to the success.


At the completion of this meet the swimmers within the current Nova pathway have made significant strides forward this season, thanks must go to all swimmers, parents, coaches and volunteers.


Well done to all the swimmers at this event, you have been an inspiration to the rest of the NOVA squads.

Article by Scott Kennerell

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